About Us

At K9 Rec Center, we love dogs, and we show it by our caring treatment for our furry friends and the great lengths we go to provide a safe and clean facility. 

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Troy and Charlotte

Troy and Charlotte


These two have a variety of backgrounds in many things! From flying planes in Desert Storm to building his own hyperbaric chamber with his Engineering background, Troy is a jack of all trades. He can never seem to sit still! He is constantly thinking of new things to build and improve on!


Troy built K9 Rec Center with his own hands (and his team’s too!) envisioning a wonderful place for dogs to go to have a good time! 



General Manager

Nicole has been around animals her whole life! She began her career with dogs at RK Pet Ranch in Steamboat Springs and has worked in a variety of facilities in Northern Colorado over the past 12 years. She completed her Associates Degree in Biology at Colorado Mountain College in 2014 and completed her Bachelors in Biology at Colorado State University in 2017. Her dream is to run/own her own dog boarding/daycare facility because when you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life!


In addition to her passion for animals, she spends the rest of her time stargazing, going to concerts and spending time with her partner Natalie, her 5-year-old daughter Nordica, and their house of animals that consists of 3 dogs (Akiro, Zelda, and Link), a bearded dragon (Kato), and 2 tarantulas! Next time you’re at K9, say hi to Zelda! She loves to peek her head over and greet everyone! 💜🐾

Robert - trainer



Robert has been working with dogs for 17 years. He has studied dog behavior, body language, and the pack mentality.

The last couple years he has mostly dealt with people and dog aggressive dogs; rehabilitating them and getting them adopted out to forever homes instead of being put down for prior behaviors.

He is four times canine CPR certified. You only need to do it once, but the instructor taught us,  use it or lose it!

He took and passed The Dog Gurus Knowing Dogs 101 & 201 and later turned around to teach those courses to around 50 to 70 other people .

He is very excited to be working at such an amazing facility, owned by such a fascinating owner .

We are building an amazing new team, and the sky is the limit ! 😊