Dog Daycare

Bring your dog to the K9 Rec Center for a fun-filled day of dog daycare. Our play yards are massive, giving your dog plenty of room to run!

Dog PRE-Daycare

All dogs must be evaluated in a Daycare Interview. This interview is a a social skills assessment that must be completed before your dog may participate in a social Daycare reservation. The interview is FREE. Request a convenient interview time using the Reserve button at the bottom of any page on this website.

If your dog does not complete the interview before their daycare appointment, we will gladly care and love on your dog. Your dog will be isolated from other dogs during playtime in the interest of your dog’s and our other guest dogs’ safety.
  • Daycare Interview (For Social Dogs) FREE

    To qualify for social daycare, each social dog must pass a Daycare Interview prior to beginning any boarding or daycare reservation.

    • The interview assesses your dog's social skills.
    • The thorough evaluation is performed by our dog trainers.
    • Dogs are re-evaluated every 6 months to ensure no non-social behaviors have manifested.

Dog Daycare Pricing

Full-Day Daycare

The daycare packages are based on the number of dogs and for how many hours you place those dogs into daycare with us. Full-Day Daycare is for dogs who will spend 6+ consecutive hours with us playing, exploring, resting, and being loved on by our dog handlers.

  • One Dog $32/Dog
  • Two Dogs $54/Two Dogs
  • Three+ Dogs $22/Dog

Half-Day Daycare

Half-Day Daycare is for dogs who will spend between 3 and 5 consecutive hours with us playing, exploring, resting, and being loved on by our dog handlers.

  • One Dog $25/Dog
  • Two Dogs $42/Two Dogs

Play By The Hour Daycare

Need to run some errands? Let your dog release that energy with a short visit to socialize with other dogs! Three hour maximum.
  • One Dog $5/Hour/Dog


These extra activities may be added on to any Full-Day or Half-Day Daycare reservation. Price is per dog unless stated otherwise.

  • Nature Walk $10

    A scenic walk around our pond.

  • Fetch and Free Play $10

    A chance for your dog to enjoy one of our huge yards to themselves. If they enjoy fetch or chase, this is the perfect add-on activity. (One 15-minute session.)

  • Lure Course Race $15

    An exciting all-out running opportunity for your pet to chase a controlled "lure". Your dog is guaranteed to be exhausted. (Two 10-minute sessions.)

  • Brain Games $15

    One of our handlers will play with treat-dispensing toys to engage your dog's brain to work for treats! (Two sessions a day.)

Multi-Day Prepaid Daycare

Prepaid Daycare days must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.
  • Five Full-Day Daycare Days $152/Dog
  • Ten Full-Day Daycare Days $288/Dog
  • Twenty Full-Day Daycare Days $544/Dog

Frequently Asked Dog Daycare Questions

Please reach us at the contact information at the bottom of this page if you cannot find an answer to your question.

All pets must be up-to-date on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines.  We also recommend, but do not require Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza vaccines. Proof of vaccine administration date or expiration date on veterinary receipt required.

In order for your dog to be fully protected by a vaccine, your dog should be vaccinated a minimum of two weeks prior to arriving at K9 Rec Center.

We recommend all pets visit us before they stay so they are comfortable with the new boarding environment. We offer a Happy Visit for nonsocial dogs to stay for half a day. They will receive a walk with our handlers, lots of pets and love, and a chance to try out our in-and-out runs. The half day is completely free!

We interview all dogs that come into the K9 Rec Center. The boarding interview tests your pet’s temperament with human handlers. This tells our handlers how hands on they can be with your pet. Please be sure to arrive about an hour before your pet’s boarding visit to complete necessary paperwork and the interview. This interview is completed for all daycare dogs during the daycare interview.
  1. Proof of Vaccinations (See earlier FAQ question).
  2. Medications in original containers with required permissions, veterinarian instructions, and associated medical records.
  3. Completed Daycare Interview evaluation with our trainers
  4. Completed New Customer form (if applicable).
  5. Boarding Check-In Sheet.

  6. COMING SOON: You may complete most of these forms and online submissions here on the website.
Per the AKC, Kennel Cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is a highly contagious respiratory disease. Dogs commonly contract kennel cough at places where large amounts of canines congregate, such as boarding and daycare facilities, dog parks, training groups, and dog shows. Dogs can spread it to one another through airborne droplets, direct contact (e.g., touching noses), or contaminated surfaces (including water/food bowls). It’s highly treatable in most dogs but can be more severe in puppies younger than six months of age and immunocompromised dogs (

For the safety of other pets, please do not bring your dog to daycare or boarding if they are showing symptoms of Canine Cough or have any other transmittable illness.
At the K9 Rec, we allow puppies aged up to 6 months to play un-spayed/un-neutered. At 7 months of age all dogs participating in daycare must be spayed or neutered.