K9 Daily Schedule

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Our motto at K9 Rec Center is “Where dogs come to have a great time.”

We strive for dogs to play and socialize upwards of 75% of daytime hours. 

The Routine

First thing in the morning, boarding dogs are let out of their kennels for a run to take care of early morning business. Then it’s time for breakfast! When daycare dogs begin arriving at 7 am, they are provided a place to relax until a playgroup is formed. Boarding dogs are fed, then everyone is ready to play after waiting an hour or so for digestion, so no one gets sick from excitement! 

All sociable dogs play until they become tired or irritable. They are led into 60-foot indoor/outdoor kennels for a short time while cleaning up the play area for the next session. Breaks are 30-45 minutes, then back to playtime with their buddies for two hours. Many like to play ball or Kong® with just a little peanut butter. They also want to fetch with knotted ropes and chase the rabbit. We offer lots of back and ear scratching from the staff and socializing time with their buddies,,, oh and let’s not forget outside potty breaks.  

Later in the afternoon, around 3 pm, there will be another short rest period of 30- 45 minutes. By 4 pm, many daycare dogs are off to their homes. Our overnight boarders are thinking of dinner and bed. Yes, they are tired! Our boarding dogs are given daycare at no additional charge, whereas many kennels add on extra fees. We will not board a dog with no playtime. Boarding dogs are fed around 5 pm. The daycare dogs keep playing in a group until everyone heads home. We strive for dogs to play and socialize upwards of 75% of daytime hours.

The kennel is arranged so dogs can run inside and outside during playtime, weather permitting. The outside areas have artificial turf that the dogs enjoy. Their activities are supervised by people who love dogs; many bring their own to join the fun. If you want to see our routine for yourself, please call us at 970-785-1222 to schedule a visit. 

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